What is a Brand Curator?

Michigan-Brand-Development-Company11-300x300brand cu·ra·torTM

  1. the overseer of a company’s distinct identity

  2. the keeper of an organization’s visual standards

  3. see Evolution creative solutions.

Every company has a brand. Think about some of your favorites and why they are your favorite. What makes you buy that same laundry detergent or coffee or go to the same hospital every time? Is the price? The company’s stance on environmental issues? The friendliness of those serving you? Whatever the reason, brand loyalty exists and is something for which every business is vying, no matter the industry.

Now consider some visual representations of your favorite brands. Is there a catchy tagline? A fun or creative logo? Maybe the sight of that brand’s logo implies quality to you. Perhaps it spells prestige. What if you saw that logo on something that did not reflect its company’s brand? Or if the logo were distorted-looking? You might begin to question the brand you know and love.

This is where the concept of brand curationTM comes into play. What’s brand curation, you ask? In a nutshell, it’s what we do at Evolution creative solutions. Just as a museum’s invaluable works of art or history are cared for and managed by an exhibition curator, so should a company’s greatest asset — its brand — be managed by a brand curator.

We know that just seeing the word “brand” can make your mind race with terms like standards, logos, colors, resolution, print, digital, promotional items, equity, consistency, and more. Whether you need to start at the very beginning with a newly designed logo or tagline for your company, or whether your long-established brand needs to be more consistently featured digitally, across print, or via other media, we can help.

You’re probably already familiar with many of our brand curation services, but just as a refresher, they include graphic and web design; in-house commercial and large format print; mailing and fulfillment; and promotional and apparel items. We also fill the gap with unique tech-savvy features including Beyond Ink, an e-commerce system, and augmented reality, a method for bringing print to life. Ask your sales rep or CSR today how we can be your partner in the execution of your brand’s visual identity!

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